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The Sony RX III’s video shooting is excellent and there’s nothing in the G7 X’s specifications or Canon’s recent history of compacts to suggest it’s going to be able to match the Sony in this respect. The love-it-or-hate-it click-less control dial on the Sony is undeniably useful when it comes to shooting video footage. The Canon’s battery life is also pretty disastrous.

This is likely to be a decisive factor for some photographers. But the brighter, longer lens of the Canon, along with its better range of external controls could be a convincing counter-argument. First Impressions deprecated. And the comments are inaccurate. If the G1X II sensor was twice as big it would be a 2 inch sensor not a 1.

And the only reason the G7x’s noise is close to the G1X at high ISO is because they smear all the details to achieve this. Very bias and misinforming for those choosing between the two cameras. I thought this site knew better, very disappointed.

The “inch type” system doesn’t refer to a measurement of the sensor, it’s an obscure naming system based on vidicon tubes. However, it’s related to the diagonal of the sensor, so you don’t need to double the number to end up with a sensor twice the size.

The noise even in Raw is very close to that of the G1X II because it has a more modern, more efficient sensor. When you also take into account the faster lens on the G7 X, you should find it’s possible to get better low light images with the G7 X, despite the smaller sensor.

Instead of repairing my S for a battery-reporting error they sent me a refurb G7 X. It fits my case and my pocket, so the bulk isn’t an issue. But I’m disappointed there’s still only one custom pre-set. Both cameras are SO feature laden, they are usable only by an undiscriminating novice or by a pro who uses the camera constantly or always the same way. Me, I forget how to access the settings in differing situations.

I was also frustrated by S response time. Full manual settings were therefore a major reason for buying, and same here. But manual focus is still maddenly slow. The dual-scale focus readout is useless — first, no response, then wham, it’s off the scale, and you start over. Meanwhile you’ve lost both your concentration and your shot. I’d hoped to focus via the lens ring, but it, too, is unworkably slow — so much cranking required, you again lose the shot.

What happened to the Decisive Moment? I am a technically demanding enthusiast who got tired of lugging an SLR on trips. The editors prefer the Sony RX, and no doubt that is a great camera, too, but I wanted the mm max plus 24mm wide focal l. Also the G7X is more pocketable.

The battery life is not great, but carrying extra batteries is really not a big sacrifice. I really appreciate the low light performance, although the auto-focus can be annoyingly difficult in some low contrast situations.

Adjustability is outstanding but I do wish the camera had more than one custom setting. For example, I like to set the Ring Func. Button to be AFL. Then with a strong contrast situation like bright sky behind a shady scene, you just point the camera at the shade and set AEL then point the camera at the subject and set AFL then frame the picture any way you want and shoot – perfect exposure and focus every time.

I really like this camera so far Does anyone know how Canon ranks their cameras.. I see higher models with lower prices and cannot figure which models do what. It made me go buy Sony a few years ago, but am in the market again and wanted to start comparing.

Does it have any credibility among real photographers who are in-the-know? Seems risky! For me it is a flawed model because of its malfunctioning autofocus and slow shooting. I may never buy a compact canon again. Before i had a canon s90 and it was very good, that’s why i bought the g7x. I had an S90 as well, and really liked it, and that is why I too am looking at the G7X. Why though are people bashing this camera for slow RAW record times?

It is obviously not a camera that is marketed for action photographers. It seems more like a high quality travel camera. Agree with bad AF though; that is unforgivable. After reading so many articles about battery life, I was expecting the the battery will not last the whole dive, but surprisingly it did. I fired the strobe maybe 10 times. The size and weight is great I enjoyed using this set-up. I only had issue with the Meikon Housing with 2 of the buttons, the one to turn the ring, prefer if it was placed on the left side of the housing rather than right side, and they could have made the centre dial button larger.

Neez, I think what seems to be a contradiction is a difference is how they autofocus. The reviewers and professionals tend to be old school and don’t make much use of touchscreen. As mentioned in the comment, BeaniePic taps on the screen to focus. I believe tap to focus is fast and accurate. Owned an S90 for many years and liked it for its compact size, zoom lense and good image quality. Just upgraded to the G7x and took it on a trip to Scotland.

Very happy with the long zoom up to mm equivalent, image quality and ability to fit in my pocket. Also very good night shots without flash. The HDR ‘special’ shooting setting didn’t work very well. Also able to download jpg not raw shots to phone and instantly post while still travelling.

Good camera for times when you don’t want to lug your dslr around but want much more than a phone photo. Shooting raw is a big plus if you’re into post processing. If they were closer in price though, I’d get the Sony. Canon got so many things wrong: HDR doesn’t work, there is no panorama mode, RAW shooting is a joke, flash doesn’t bounce, battery life is barely acceptable.

One thing I couldn’t find in the article is the pocketable-aspect of the camera. I see that when turned off it is 1. That seems substantial to me. I know it would fit in loose pockets on baggy pants, but what about comfortable jeans. I don’t mean tight jeans I’m 47 and don’t wear snug clothing but I also don’t wear cargo pants or shorts very often. I’m traveling to Paris in a month and will probably not bring my Canon 6D with the kit lens.

Too much to think about. I also plan to dress relatively nice, not touristy. I want to blend in so as to get a calm, non-confrontational street vendors, etc. So I need a camera that comfortably fits in my front pocket and doesn’t look like it’s trying to break though the cloth.

Just got back from Scotland with my G7x. It fits well in a ‘regular’ fit pair of pants. I also bought a Case Logic case for extra batteries and memory discs. That case has a belt loop so you can attach the case to your belt as well. I ended up not using the case that way and just dropped the camera in my pants pocket. Be sure to have at least a second battery since battery life isn’t great. Couldn’t be happier with the larger senesor’s image quality and the extra reach of the mm equiv.

As for blending in, I’ve heard that the thing that makes Parisians treat you a little better is to attempt French. Oh, I see this post is 4 months old. How was your trip? What did you bring? I too was looking for more on whether it is pocketable. It would be very helpful to know what lenses were used in these test shots Studio Comparison , and to be able to compare two or more? I hope and presume dpreview is using the kit lenses where applicable , the ones most people want to see.

If I compare it to any other camera, I don’t know how to judge. I’d like to compare it also to its superior, heavier sibling, the mm f The Imaging Resource has NX test shots done with a Samsung 60mm macro, to which the kit lens probably can not be compared – the mannikin looks as sharp as can be, but I don’t think you’l get this with the kit lens, even though it seems to be rather good, better than average. So that’s not very helpful. This comment is here because the page for the NX doesn’t allow for it.

For those reading this page lately and owning the G7X , my question is : would you use this cam for social situations snap shots inside, with no flash? People even friends are a bit annoyed by Dslr’s and these little cams are no more threatening than cell phones. Yea, I would absolutely recommend this camera for what you describe. What makes it even better is that the JPEGs it produces in auto mode almost always look great so you can get a lot of candid shots easily. I have not tested all the power shot cameras, but the ones I have owned S80, s90, s and for a week an s had no laggy menus.

That is actually one of the pleasures of these camera’s is that they are pretty snappy to use. The downside of these s series though was definitely carrying around those 25g extra batteries. Often wished I had a Sherpa tagging along just to relieve me of the burden. I don’t get it. It’s a compact camera meant for either professionals or enthusiasts both of which supposedly own a DSLR or some other form of main “work horse” device for their serious shooting, yet here you are, both the reviewers and the people in the comments bitching non-stop about the most USELESS features imaginable!

HD video complaints? Who is going to use such a camera to shoot HD video anyway, and what’s more expects it to perform really well?

Must be lots of hidden Stanley Kubricks sitting behind aspiring Hansel Adams’ Bouncing the flash? How much light did you expect to bounce off of a compact camera’s flash anyway? Or do you show up on professional shoots with cameras like this one and just ask for a napkin? Battery life not that good? Why would you go out and shoot all day with this instead of using your DSLR for serious shooting?

And as a final mental image: imagine someone walking around with a flash unit twice the size of the camera its been mounted on You are absolutely right. Yet, I find this camera attractive for casual use in social enviroment. I don’t shoot video. So, the video capabilities or the lack of it is irrelevant. What I like is the bright lens, the compact size and a bit of zoom. For me, its the ideal camera to take to a dinner or wine tasting party when photography is not the main objective.

The image quality is definitely better than a phone and its OK if you allow a waiter or a non photographer friend to take a photo.

I wouldn’t risk giving a more expensive or complicated camera to a non photographer to shoot a snapshot in a social enviroment. What I would have preferred is they use a bigger capacity battery and perhaps make the body weatherproof like the G3X. Nothing is “must-have” on this camera, but a lot of the things mentioned are “nice to have”, especially the close competitor has the features.

I did this flash tilt work-around and it works very well. Bounced light is much softer than the straight-on flash. You need a light colored surface not too far away to bounce effectively.

A regular 8 or 9 foot white ceiling works well. And you don’t want to be too close to the subject or the bounce will be off a little. This is a fragile camera.. I own the G7X. I wanted a camera to take good snaps at rock concerts and other “large audience” events where I’m not close. The Sony’s max focal length was slow. The G7X does a better job when the light is low and the subject distant. This camera cannot be dropped into a bag without a hard shell case.

These cameras are impervious to damage when closed up, used in the same manner. My Canon’s trim ring and blades bent under normal handling for my other cameras and rendered the camera unusable. About 45 minutes of work with a metal pick finally got the blades and trim ring “flat” enough to restore operation.

This is a very poor “real world” design. The guide number is just too low. Hi What about NFC connection with smartphone? Is it usable relative to Sony’s NFC? Does it work with “Camera Connect” SW by canon? Camera connects with phones by being a wifi node which your phone connects to.

Then works with Canon’s software. Won’t donwload raw files to phone however. Or just jpg mode. The second; At the S. Now, how about G7X.. Hello guys! Thank you! Which camera one would buy depends on what your priorities are. The G7X has a better lens aperture for low light. For me, I prefer the Canon user interface.

What I don’t like about the G7X is the small battery. The G7X would be great if it uses the body design of the Canon G I have been using the G12 for about 5 years and I really like the user interface.

If the Canon designers can produce a 1″ sensor compact camera in a G12 body and improve the performance, it would be great. But, I suppose all of us have to wait. I was very pleased with the results especially being able to crop a great deal without loss of detail when printing probably due to the sensor size. I had been using a Canon S95 for a couple of years and the comparison in taking similar shots to this years was very noticeable although the S95 was a fine camera overall.

I usually pass my Canons down to my son. I will see how the camera performs this Spring here in Kentucky. Is there a way to display the equivalent focal length on the screen? I think the RXiii can do this. Do you know where can be found a language fw update for language option for Canon G7X bought from Japan?

For those of you that like underwater photography take a look at this link with the new housing for the G7X:. It is superfast and I am very happy with the focus. Be sure, to take the small AF window in the settings and be sure to touch the right spot on the screen. If you touch on the border between face and background, there is a good chance that the camera will focus on the background.

But is all user error. ACDSee will immediately learn which names to put to which faces, saving you hours of tedious manual skimming. Keep photos distinguished by client, family member, or person of interest. The Map pane displays the location where your images were taken using embedded latitudinal and longitudinal information, allowing you to isolate groups of files by region for processing.

You can also drag and drop images onto the map to geotag them. The creative photography, digital asset management, and distribution needs of the practical amateur are answered in a singular application: ACDSee Photo Studio Home Designed to keep your workflow flowing, packed with tools to help you organize, perfect your best, and inspire, ACDSee is a solid, trusted solution for your growing photo collection.

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