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RAM Booster Specially designed for all Windows users who are always used for daily activities at work. Because with RAM Booster, you can also clean all redundant multi tasks, cache and of course clean up the remaining unused RAM usage. There are so many features that you will get from Turbo RAM Booster Main feature: �� Simple Design ��. Mar 22,  · Here’s how to clear memory on Windows 10 by closing unwanted programs. Step 1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc shortcut to open the Task Manager window and click on More details to access the full view. Step 2. In the Processes tab, click on the Memory header to sort from most to least RAM usage. Step 3. RAM Cleaners For Windows 10 1. Avira Ram Cleaner Windows 10 2. Advanced System Optimizer 3. Ashampoo Winoptimizer 4. 1. Avira Ram Cleaner Windows 10 2. Advanced System Optimizer 3. Ashampoo Winoptimizer 4. IoLo System Mechanic 5. RAMRush 6. Super PC Care 7. Mz RAM Booster 8. Wise Memory Optimizer.

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We spend most of our days sitting in front of our computers or laptops. Working on weekdays and binging on weekends. There is heaps of stuff saved on those not-so-huge devices with incredible memories. There are folders on folders and directories on directories containing element that is all-important to us. As significant all those files are, their humungous size contributes to slowing the system down.

Moreover, the system should be capable enough to survive the complex instructions. It is commonly observed that the PC gets slow with prolonged usage. Also, it affects the overall performance of the system and its components. You can also check your RAM frequency through this guide. There is no doubt in the fact that cleaning the RAM will boost the speed of the system.

The application manages the RAM storage and deletes all the unnecessary files. Also, you can optimize the memory and use it more effectively. Thus, here are some of the best RAM cleaner for Windows 10 operating systems. These are available on the internet and can be easily downloaded. Make sure that your system is compatible with the software. Many users are looking for an effective RAM memory cleaner and similar software for their computers.

RAMRush is a free-to-use optimization tool to improve memory utilization. If your system struggles from frequent crashes due to too much resource consumption, we recommend the best RAM cleaner for PC which will save the day for you. It has pretty diverse features like it shows how much memory is actually being used. This can be useful in minimizing that usage to some extent if you want to. Moreover, the software uses the latest algorithm to find the blocked memory locations and deletes them.

This will eventually decrease the frequency of system cash and apply the recommended settings. Also, the software defrags the primary memory for better allocation. It does all the usual work, though, like releasing the occupied memory, clearing blocked cache, scanning and alerting about viruses , and all sorts of that stuff. Not to mention that the windows memory cleaner also improves the performance of your system significantly.

In short, a package deal, what more would you need? Visit: RamRush. What makes it a splendid choice for the best memory cleaner is the fact that it has a system for detecting that your drivers are out of date or going bizarre. It fixes them by downloading the branded ones or by other troubleshooting measures. It is one of the better ways to clean, maintain, and protect your system without going overboard.

This program analyzes the structure and does what it requires to be done. This RAM cleaner encrypts confidential information to save from prying eyes or dividing your disk into multiple ones for easy management.

Moreover, you only need a single click to perform the complete scan and delete junk files in RAM. Users can access it directly from the Start button and get the job done. This cleaner could be your new cleaning buddy. Visit: Advanced System Optimizer. It is so vital that people end up spending extra money on more memory. But that is a different story. It is a common trend for the computer to run background apps in the system. These programs often take a lot of space in the RAM and can slow down other processes.

It stops these useless processes and improves the performance of the system. Thus, the PC will have a better response time and resource management. Along with the hard drive, it also scans any flash drive connected to the system. Though the interface might be a little tricky initially, that is just a small price to pay for a super-efficient PC. Visit: Memory Optimizer. If you think each best RAM cleaner for pc works similarly and does an identical task, this one would tell you that you could not be more wrong.

The trait that stands out is that it even block non-essential, intrusive, and offending advertisements and annoying Pop-up stuff. Bestowing a flawless and mesmerizing browsing experience, flinging it up there in the race to be the best memory cleaner. It has a full-fledged routine for all kinds of elements that could potentially harm your system along with the usual RAM cleaning duties.

The details could be viruses along with the emails you open or hidden in the apps. They could be lodged in files in your system. Pc care software deals with all of them.

It also makes your web browser-related stuff squeaky clean. Which means anything that could compromise your privacy like cookies or what you searched for, and things of that sort. Visit: Super PC Care. Almost every PC user is quite aware of the CCleaner application. Moreover, the software is capable of optimizing the internal memory and eventually clean it. All the junk files are removed from the system to allow some free space for the new programs.

It also deletes the browser cache files and various cookies around it. Further, users can purchase the premium version of Piriform CCleaner for a better experience. Download: Piriform CCleaner. It keeps a regular track of all the memory locations in the system. It is commonly observed that cache files take a lot of space in the storage. Thus, the new software is unable to proceed due to a lack of internal storage.

Hence, Memory cleaner will shut down all the useless applications and generates more space. The user interface is quite simple, and everything can be done with a single click. Visit: Memory Cleaner. This software is among the popular RAM cleaner and system care tools in the industry.

Apart from saving valuable space in the computer, it also boosts performance. Your PC will run at a different level of speed using the Iolo system mechanic. The software also assists in blocking various unwanted settings. The system is compatible with detecting and removing more than 50 types of scrap folders.

It can also delete the cache and cookies of the internet browser. Visit: Iolo System Mechanic. After you install it in the system, CleanMem will automatically scan the computer. It will take the help of the Windows Task Manager to run the scan after a timer of 15 minutes. Moreover, the user can manipulate the additional settings of the software. Visit: CleanMem.

The computer often freezes while handling large game files. Thus, you require a complete tool that will reduce the game lag. Razer will detect the unwanted background processes and remove them while you are playing games. Further, it also provides a game boost feature for regular gaming users.

Visit: Razer Cortex. This will not only be the last addition on the list of best RAM cleaner for PC but the most important too. The Tenorshare Windows Care Genius is capable enough to upgrade old computers to new ones. Yes, you will feel the difference between the speed before and after installing it.

The software also removes the extra icons from the desktop and menu bar. Moreover, the in-built feature of File Manager helps to delete bulk files. Eventually, there will be free memory in the system for new applications. Download: Tenorshare Windows Care Genius. IObit Cleaner will boost your amount of memory and report memory consumption in the menu bar with a single click. IObit Cleaner is a great application for keeping your laptop running at peak performance and optimizing your memory RAM use with a single click.

From your menu bar, you may rapidly access extensive memory information and identification, as well as CLEAN your memory with a single click. Visit: IObit. With a simple click on the Optimize button, you may clear RAM and enhance the speed of your computer. Speed it Up is the go-to software for instant clean. According to the official comments from the creator, it should only take 2 minutes for a boost in performance.

It displays real-time data on overall RAM use. Apart from increasing RAM, it also conducts several other tasks to improve the speed and efficiency of your system.


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Discover an industry leader for more stable, turbo performance:. Tidies up your browser: Removes all online traces and temporary data from every browser to declutter your machine and shield your privacy. Cleans your registry: Invalid registry entries? Remnants of uninstalled software? System Speedup analyzes the problems and clears them out. Use it to schedule automatic alerts to clean your device. Our multi award-winning software portfolio is the result of 30 years of experience in developing security and performance solutions.

Once just an animal with horns, RAM these days is far more technical and can make or break your online and computing experience. Much like a brain, your computer has a chip on its motherboard that houses its short-term memory. This is called Random Access Memory RAM and it stores all the data that your device needs to complete active tasks and run programs and processes.

When you use up all the space in your RAM, your computer has nowhere to store the data it needs to carry out its tasks. The result? Follow our top tips for a digital declutter now and explore the benefits of emptying RAM storage and freeing up memory! Are programs slow to respond? Do they freeze or crash? Do you click on an icon and wonder if you should make a cup of tea while you wait for it to respond?

Your computer may be crying out for more RAM. Other tell-tale signs are display problems, so pages partially load or appear blank. System updates and even booting up seem…. Did you know that everything uses RAM? Did you just move your mouse? It nibbled a bit of RAM. Multi-tasking between apps?

Your operating system and web browser typically consume the most RAM. Like Netflix? Complex websites that are heavy on graphics and videos generally use more RAM. From here, you can see Used and Free memory. To clean up RAM, simply click on the Optimize button right below the pie chart. You need to note that it offers an auto optimizer feature.

Additionally, you can view real-time CPU usage. Alternatively, you can set a hotkey for a quick RAM boost. If you want to create fake Tweets easily, you can use a fake Tweet generator.

Which one should you pick? Here are some top recommendations. Then you can kill running processes as you like. Additionally, it shows the data in the form of percentages and graphical patterns. To clean RAM with this program, you just need to click the Optimize button.

In addition to that, it offers overall system maintenance and protection. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. There was a problem preparing your codespace, please try again.

It’s portable, so you do not have to bother with installation or configuration. Download and open the executable to get started. The app requires administrator privileges to run and comes with a minimalistic interface; before you clean up memory, you should go through the list and check the areas you want the app to analyze. Skip to content. Star License GPL But as the command can run several times in a row its best to keep the number smaller.

Otherwise, you could end up with more problems than you started with. As a rule of thumb we suggest not to never set the number higher than half of the built-in RAM of your system. Our Windows 10 memory cleaner must have a. Now that the file is saved, you can run it from your desktop at any time to clear your reserved memory.

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Ram cleaner for windows 10. 24 Best Free RAM Cleaner For Windows


The best RAM cleaner for your computer can be the one that gives you the best results. You can select the one according to your requirements. We recommend you to use Advanced PC Cleanup as it tops the chart with the most features.

Adding more RAM to your computer can help it to perform better. With this pc memory cleaner, it is possible to open up more applications at the same time, your functions can be taken forward at the same time. You can use any of the above RAM cleaners for Windows We recommend using Advanced PC Cleaner as it comes with a dedicated memory optimizer. It also gives the user a bunch of options to clear RAM when it exceeds a set limit. You can also set an automatic memory optimization for your computer.

Windows Mac iOS Android. Rimzhim Sharma , July 28, Share on:. Advanced System Optimizer. It helps you in deleting and managing browsing history and cookies to keep your online browsing activities safe and secure. Updates device drivers to run system error-free.

Offers a dedicated Game Optimizer mode where you can enjoy a distraction-free gaming experience. It allows you to take a quick backup of system files, along with recovery options to retrieve data in case you accidentally delete any files. Pros: Memory management module. Game optimizer. Cons: Does not update drivers. Features Cleans the start-up folder of your system, resulting in faster boot time of your Windows PC or laptop.

It helps you with eliminating browsing traces from all the web browsers you use, including Google Chrome , Safari, Edge, Opera. The Internet Tuner feature of the tool helps you optimize network settings. Pros: Intuitive interface. One click optimization. Cons: Trial version has limited features. Features Clears all invalid registry entries. Clean trash from the Recycle bin. Removes the junk and redundant files. Uninstalls applications which are unused. Manages startup programs.

Protects from malware. Pros: Startup programs manager. Uninstall unwanted files and programs. Cons: Limited storage space is freed with free trial. Features It offers automatic tune-up and optimization of RAM, where the optimization process can take place in the background even when the CPU is in an idle state.

Compatible with almost all Windows versions and also for both 32 and bit operating systems. Pros: Automatic optimization. Portable software. Cons: Lacks advanced features. Features Easy to use, ideal for both beginners and experts. Movavi Mac Cleaner 2. Download for Mac.

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