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– Microsoft teams and discord

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Discord vs Microsoft Teams | What are the differences? – How to connect Discord + Microsoft Teams

Overall, both platforms provide robust communication functionalities for their respective audiences — hence, we have a tie.


– Microsoft teams and discord


This lets you organize communication by work team, project, or topic. In MS Teams, you can also reply directly to comments. This further helps organize conversations within the same channel.

Discord is unique in that it includes channels specifically for both text and voice. You can talk with up to 99 other users on voice channels, though only 25 can be on video at a time. As such, you can use Discord for large conference calls.

In Microsoft Teams, there are no official voice channels, but you can call any of your contacts, regardless of if they are members of your team. Up to 20 people can join your voice or video call from chat, though up to 1, people can join a cloud meeting. Finally, Discord servers can hold up to , members, while MS Teams limits this number to 10, This number should be more than enough for most businesses, but may not be adequate for large open-source projects.

Both Discord and Microsoft Teams include the ability to share your screen. From there, you can choose which app screen to share.

Others can view your live stream by clicking on your name in the voice channel. Discord also lets multiple users screen share from the same voice channel, so you can switch back and forth between multiple screens.

While screen sharing, others in the call can annotate your screen with Microsoft Whiteboard. This lets teams highlight pertinent information or add notes to a screen. Discord also supports file uploads, but with much stricter file sharing limits. As such, the best way to share files on Discord is with another cloud-based service such as Droplr. Webinars Learn about automation anytime, anywhere with our on-demand webinar library.

Search apps…. When this happens Top companies trust Zapier to automate work and free up time. Facebook Logo. Microsoft Logo. Work Email Required. First Name Required. Last Name Required. Supported triggers and actions What does this mean? New Message Posted to Channel Triggers when a new message is posted to a specific text channel.

New Reaction on Message Triggers when a new reaction is added to a specific message with the details of the user who reacted to it. Add Role assign a role to a user. Remove User Role Remove a chosen role from the specified user.

Rename Channel Rename a channel to a specific name you choose. Send Channel Message Post a new message to a specific channel you choose. Find Channel Find an existing channel by name.

Load more. Step 1: Authenticate Discord and Microsoft Teams. Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger, which will kick off your automation. Step 3: Choose a resulting action from the other app. Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to the other.

Zoom would only let you have a crappy meeting that hackers could easily join. Discord actually has DDoS protection, Zoom just has things that can easily be bypassed. As it is the communication tool chosen for the course, our team will be using Slack to monitor the course announcements from our instructor as well as to communicate with the instructor and industry partners.

The tool for communicating within the team will be Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams enables the team to share documents and edit them synchronously Google Drive is not an option due to one team member’s location.

Since it also provides a group chat feature, we chose to use it as our communication tool to avoid using too many softwares. We choose Slack since all of us are familiar with this communication tool. We have a private channel for our team Sphinx for text messages. We added Github apps inside our private channel for repo update notifications. Furthermore, we could contact the subject matter experts within the workspace DCSIL directly for the issues we meet.

We use Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings for its fast connection speed. In addition, the call feature in Slack is a paid feature, and we could have virtual meetings and share screens for free in Microsoft Teams.

One of the better parts is that you don’t necessarily have to download it you can search it up on google and make an account it’s as easy as that. One last thing I will say is that you can have customizable ranks and so on so if you desire to split people into teams you can do so and with that, you can customize what they can do like give people ranks or de-rank them.

Like I mentioned earlier about VC’s you can also screen share and do videos so you can see their screen or their face. Get Advice. Follow I use this. Build a perfect digital experience with FullStory. Discord vs Microsoft Teams: What are the differences? Advice on Discord and Microsoft Teams. Needs advice. You could seriously do this Jeopardy thing with just Discord and maybe a bot to make it easier Zoom would only let you have a crappy meeting that hackers could easily join.

Decisions about Discord and Microsoft Teams. Communication We have chosen two tools for our team communication.