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Transcription , Video Editing. Script-based editing with Avid ScriptSync is a technique in the production industry where editors use scripts alongside their footage to quickly find the best takes for their selects sequence. When it comes to video editing documentaries and other unscripted content, it can be difficult to quickly find the golden moments in your interviews and footage for your project. Rather than spending hours scrubbing through video clips, you can transcribe your footage and use ScriptSync to quickly search the transcript text, select your clips, and assemble a sequence in Avid Media Composer.

Before you get started, be sure to get access to ScriptSync transcripts by filling out the form below with your name and Rev account email.

You can get access to transcripts in the ScriptSync format from Rev. To get ScriptSync-ready transcripts from Rev, have the video or audio footages files accessible on your local drive. Then, go to Rev. When you receive an email that the job is done, click on the link to open the order in the Rev Transcript Editor where you can edit and download your transcripts in the ScriptSync TXT file format.

To download your ScriptSync-ready file in the Rev Transcript Editor , simply click the download button at the top right. Now that you have your TXT file from Rev, open your project in Avid Media Composer and make sure you have all your footage files imported and ready to sync with your new transcript files. To import your transcripts into Avid, click File, then New Script. Locate your TXT file s from Rev, and import your transcript. Click on your TXT file from the Bin window will open the script-based editing window.

In the Script Window, click and drag across the entire script and the inserted take. ScriptSync will take some time to generate the script markers, but no other work is required to sync the files for script-based editing. Now that your footage and transcripts are synced, you can begin searching through the text to find the exact moment in your video footage. When you type in a keyword or phrase here, Avid will highlight where it occurs throughout the entire script, allowing you to easily navigate through dialogue and other spoken words in your transcript.

Now that you can easily find key moments in your footage with a simple word search, you can select the clips you want to use for your project. Clicking on any script mark will bring up a preview window showing the timecode at which the selected line of dialogue begins. From here, you can mark in- and out-points to then insert into your timeline.

This will queue each take for the desired number of lines in the preview window, allowing you to view and select the best take. Once you get comfortable with this script-based editing workflow in Avid, you can perform advanced techniques like splicing in words or phrases from different takes to make sentences in your interview flow better.

ScriptSync will automatically tailor script markers to match any and every edit you make, creating a hassle-free workspace in which you can perfect your script. Get Access. We combine A. Wanna hear more about it? Get our most popular posts, product updates, and exciting giveaway announcements directly to your inbox! Austin Canary Apr 15, Try Rev. Order Transcripts. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.

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