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How to Use the Luma Range Tool in Capture One Pro

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See the two arrows at the bottom of the image in the screenshot. New features includes advanced masking functionality, an even more proo and intuitive user подробнее на этой странице, plug-in compatibility, and much more. I use the try capture one pro 12 luminosity mask free and I just could not get all those separated tools and layers system. We could not find any active order with id or e-mail mentioned. Currently, they have priced me out of the market. See the two topmost arrows in the screenshot. Don, I agree that luminosity liminosity can be found in many image editing programs.


– Capture one pro 12 luminosity mask free


Yes, you read that right. The Luma Range tool can be applied on any mask, even gradients like the above, and will effectively restrict your mask to certain areas based on the luminosity in your image. Well, have you ever wanted to desaturate your shadows a bit? Or apply color grading with more control than the Color Balance Tool can provide? Or maybe add clarity to the clouds in your landscape image with a tricky horizon line?

Luminosity masks make all of this a breeze. Watch the tutorial below to learn more. These shortcuts are customizable, letting you do most actions with a few clicks on the keyboard.

Capture One 12 makes this much easier. You can now search, not only for features and commands, but also for specific keys to see their function. Additionally, shortcuts for features that were previously inaccessible are added for an even larger library of shortcuts. Capture One delivers an extensive suite of powerful tools to manage, edit and export images. The first plug-ins will enable direct publishing, round-trip editing, and open-with workflows. We are just getting started with plug-ins, much more will come!

Capture One has a powerful feature to copy adjustments from one image to others. The functionality will auto-select any adjustments applied to an image, making them easy to apply to other images. Previous to Capture One 12, any composition change, for example, a crop, would also be automatically selected and carried over. By default Capture One now exclude compositional changes from the auto-select functionality, making it easy to synchronize edits and color gradings between images with different crops and rotations.

Extending on the collaboration with Fujifilm, these simulations are now available in Capture One 12 and will change the starting point of your editing to one of these simulations. The simulations are available for Fujifilm camera models as Curves within the Base Characteristics Tool. All of these are available both as perpetual licenses and subscriptions.

I use it all the time in beauty and portrait editing, and thanks to the new Luma masking found in Capture One Pro 12, I can now use it easily for wedding photography as well. The new Luma Range tool helps you refine your layer masks based on luminosity values. If you’d like to apply a setting only to a particular part of the image — let’s say denoising only the shadows — this is the tool you’d use to create the selection. The guys at Phase One have made it visual and easy to use even for those who are not familiar with such a way of masking.

In the above video, Woloszynowicz explains how to use masks in Capture One and focuses on the Luma Range tool so you can get a few ideas as to how it works and what it can be useful for. His examples are on portraits, but the same techniques can be applied to any picture. One day, I’ll make time to have another look at C1. Not used it since the early releases when it was the only option to use the Phase One camera.

Up to my neck in the Adobe ecosystem now though, that’s the miserable part of it. Workflow works, trusted and efficient. Still, the niggling feeling to have a look over the fence :.