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Read more about It’s Up to the Women. Learn More. The developer provided this information and may update it over time. I am now back over books and counting and I rely heavily on this app vook book collectorz login free as the desktop version to keep track of my library.

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But these tools really come to live when used together, as they are great companions. While away from your computer use CLZ Books on your phone, then use Book Connect at home, to work on your database on a big screen, with a real keyboard. Of course, you can sync your database between them through our CLZ Cloud solution. Book Collector is our legacy desktop software. Old-skool software that you install on your own computer, with your data stored locally.

Read more reviews from customers. Home What’s new? Reviews Shop Support. Book Database Software – catalog your book collection. Keep track of your book collection and wish list Mobile app, web-app or downloadable? Your choice! For your phone. CLZ Books mobile app for your phone or tablet. Learn more. Try it free free 7-day trial. For your computer. Book Connect web-based software for your computer. Sign up for the Book Connect 7-day free trial close. Please sign-up with your email address:.

Download the CLZ Books 7-day free trial close. CLZ Books. Book Connect. Subscribe now. Learn more about Book Collector. New collection view : Vertical Cards! July 7th, Lots of new features and tweaks in one go! June 29th, v More software updates. I’ve tried several alternatives, but none of them compare to the CLZ Books app. They’re easy to use, intuitive and have a cloud backup system that’s very reassure. Thank you. July 30, User friendly app to keep track of books, music, and more.

Know what’s in your media library and avoid duplicate purchases. You can even create a wish list for items to add to your library. Works on a desktop computer as well as a smart phone. July 21, New user but so far loving it! July 18, Works as described. Handy for someone who owns many books, — tom baron on CLZ Books.

July 17, The app has been fantastic! I use this app to keep track of books I own and read. It is fantastic. July 14, Finally my books are organized. July 13, Works like a charm, easy to use. Almost 2 yeard later, still very satiafied with Book Collector. Now managing over 25, books via using both desktop and Android versions. Work well together, application is updated regularly.

Support is great, have issues? They will respond pretty quickly and help you with the problem. Staff responds well to suggestions and questions and have helped me quite often.

Here it is now inventory over 50, books. July 09, Best app we have found to keep track of our extensive library. Love that you can make personal notes as well. June 17, I have had this app since This is the one app that has kept me sane. It does everything I need around books. All the memory is stored on the app so I do not have to worry about memory space.

I have almost books and this app has made it easier for me to know what I have, keep track of where the book is I am able to include notes on a book if I have to lend it out to friends or family and adding new books is easy.

I highly recommend this app to anyone who has or is planning to build their home library. June 10, I am happy to pay for premium of both just because the price is so reasonable and the apps are so good. Being able to add items by scanning the barcode with the camera on your phone is just awesome. Love it. June 01, This is a great app for keeping track of my book collection. May 24, Originally I imported my, considerably smaller list, from another book collector app and found that CLZ far surpassed the other app.

The many available fields make it easy to track whatever is important to you. Support is absolutely awesome. May 23, Great app. Easy to use. Great organizer for all of your books. Excellent customer service. May 22, Most of my library is packed away for a bigger house so this app is perfect to keep track of everything I have and don’t have as I keep going with my collection.

May 18, So easy to use! So great to finally be able to catalog our library.. Great way to keep track of my books. May 15, Convenient, easy to use, effective, displays entries in an easy-to-find manner, looks good, well supported.

May 11, This App is amazing!!! Finally an easy way to list my scores of books! May 10, Best book catalogue ap ever So easy to keep track of my books. May 06, I recommend Collectorz to all the collectors I know and my father-in-law loves it for keeping track of his extensive book library. This app takes a bit if getting used to at first, but the catalogue is extensive, and most bar codes and isbn numbers can be used to autofill a good chuck of a collection.

May 01, Very impressive database.


Book collectorz login free


Winston S. Churchill, the three-volume definitive edition of Read more about For Free Trade. When Frost was eleven, his newly widowed mother moved east to Salem, New Hampshire, to resume a teaching career. There Frost swiftly found his poetic voice, infused by New England scenes and sensibilities. Promising as both a student and writer, Frost nonetheless dropped out of both Dartmouth and Harvard, supporting himself and a young family by teaching and farming.

Two years before his death he became the first poet to read in the program of a U. Presidential inauguration Kennedy, January Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell, CBE was the intriguing and influential adventurer, scholar, writer, and diplomat who, like her contemporary T. By her mid-twenties the unmarried Bell discovered intellectual and emotional fascination with the Middle East. After joining the Arab Bureau in Cairo in , Bell was annexed to the military intelligence department in Basrah and charged with gathering information on the movements of Bedouin tribes in central Arabia and in the Sinai Peninsula.

She became oriental secretary under the British high commissioner when an Arab provisional government was established in Baghdad in late , a post she held until her death in from a sleeping pill overdose. Bell is often compared to T. Both Bell and Lawrence were emotionally wrought and wrenched by their engagement in the Middle East, ultimately frustrated in many of their hopes and ambitions for its peoples.

Both died comparatively young. Both have become historically intermingled with their own legends, the person often eclipsed and obscured by the persona. Both were gifted writers and left us with their own words, by which they are best understood and regarded. Similarities aside, Bell merits an identity and recognition separate from Lawrence. Her published writings range from translated poetry to travelogue to trenchant appraisal and analysis to engaging correspondence.

Her own words provide the means by which her remarkable life and work is best understood and regarded. He held one of those master keys which unlock the doors of many kinds of treasure houses. He was a savant as well as a soldier. He was an archaeologist as well as a man of action.

He was an accomplished scholar as well as an Arab partisan. He was a mechanic as well as a philosopher. His background of somber experience and reflection only seemed to set forth more brightly the charm and gaiety of his companionship, and the generous majesty of his nature.

He remains a remarkably complex and elusive figure, of whom it can be difficult to see more than facets. Fortunately, he left behind a wealth and diversity of written words. His most significant original works — Seven Pillars and The Mint — illuminate not only their subjects from a uniquely perceptive and informed perspective, but also the keen, restive, questing intellect of their author.

Moreover, his published volumes of correspondence reveal his engagement with an incredibly diverse array of foremost intellectual and political luminaries of the early twentieth century. Joseph Rudyard Kipling was an English poet, short-story writer, and novelist chiefly remembered for his celebration of British imperialism, stories and poems of British India, and his tales for children. A broader view of Kipling might see him at his best as an English Euripides, a voice at once both quintessentially of his culture and yet essentially, observationally, compellingly apart, subtly weaving beautifully dissonant patterns in the traditional fabric.

Kipling lived the second half of his life far from India, which he left in And certainly the sum of Kipling is more than a subcontinent. A prolific writer with a career spanning half a century, Heinlein published more than 30 novels, along with numerous short stories and collections.

Free 7-day trial. Edit book entries one by one or use Edit Multiple for batch editing many books in one go! Share your app subscription to other mobile devices, without paying again. Sync your book library between devices e. View and share your book collection online, using the CLZ Cloud viewer website. Always have an online cloud-backup of your book organizer database. Sort by author, title, publication date, date added etc.. Group your books into folders by author, publisher, genre, subject, location, etc Or just use the search box top right.

Just contact us! In the app, tap the menu icon top left, then choose Contact Support. The free trial automatically continues into the subscription of your choice. You can cancel your subscription anytime. Automatic renewals will cost the same price you were originally charged for the subscription. However, despite my best efforts, cataloging everything in excel and FileMaker Pro took forever and lacked the functionality I craved.

I joined the Navy, and while I was in boot camp, my house burned down. My books were in the basement, and were destroyed by the water used to put out the fire. My family looked for a way to easily track my books for insurance purposes, and they found this app.

This app answered both their needs and my needs. As I worked to rebuild my library, I kept buying duplicate books since I had a hard time differentiating the books I had lost from the books I had repurchased in my mind.

I am now back over books and counting and I rely heavily on this app as well as the desktop version to keep track of my library. The barcode scanner saves me tons of time, I just wish there was a mass entry form for isbn numbers instead of opening the entry window, selecting the number keypad, and entering the isbn number.

I truly love this app. I searched for a cataloguing library app for years to catalog my book library. For years, I kept a paper copy of my books, but found this to be ineffective due to the fact that my collection over the past twenty-five years had grown by the thousands. A couple of years ago, I read all of the reviews and convinced myself to purchase the app. Over the past couple of years, I have spent so much money on apps that promise, but do not deliver. But after purchasing this app, I can honestly say that my faith was restored.

This is the BEST app for developing and maintaining a library. In the couple of years that I have used this app, I have found the developers are very responsive and responded quickly whenever I had an issue. I highly recommend this app and give it a 5.

I have to say that they helped me upload my collection when I was having problems with the CSV file. Their support has been so wonderful. Just recently the App started crashing on me on my phone when I tried to edit a new entry to place it in a collection. I contacted support and they got back to me before the day was out. He asked me some questions and gave me a few things to try.