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Auto tune logic pro x free

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Pro Tools Which is Best? Open Cubase and create an empty project. Once your chosen auto-tune plugin is in the signal chain , adjust its settings to hear how the plugin changes the sound. While all auto-tune plugins have the same goal, they will function differently. So try out as many as you can get your hands on and experiment to find the plugin you like! The selected audio will appear in a different color. The last step is to click and drag the Quantize Pitch and Straighten Pitch parameters to the right.

Auto-tuning in Cubase is as simple as that! Steinberg releases new updates to Cubase regularly, often improving features like VariAudio. I will explain how to use pitch correction with VariAudios basic controls to avoid any software version discrepancies. Above: VariAudio basic controls. Mouse over the top left or top right corner of a segment— hold click, and drag upward or downward to alter the pitch. You can also adjust the whole segment by selecting it and dragging it upward or downward, changing it by a semitone.

Above: Notice how the far right portion of the selected audio is primarily unaffected. The Warp function changes the timing of a segment, physically lengthening or shortening it. Mouse over the bottom left or right corner of the segment. Hold click, and drag left or right to time-warp the audio to the desired length. Above: The Warp function changes the timing of the audio. This function changes the length of a segment without altering its timing.

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Tutorial – Using Auto-Tune Pro in Logic Pro X – Production Expert

Download Voloco. Use code ‘TUBE50’ to. Check out our list of the 13 best free VST plugins of


Auto tune logic pro x free

KeroVee is another old-school pitch correction tool, released way back in Share this article. Flex Pitch – added in Logic Pro X, this is a great way to fine-tune a vocalist’s pitch. The added stereo widening feature can be helpful in a vocal processing chain, but make sure to double-check your mix in mono when using it.