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Features of Adventure Island · Got impressive arcade game specially for kids. · 32 different stages in approximately 8 areas. · Increase the speed. Master Higgins is stuck on an exotic island with nothing but fruits and random weapons. Follow his story of survival in Adventure Island! Adventure Island is an adaptation of the arcade game Wonder Boy, originally published by Sega for developer Escape (now known as Westone Bit.


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The player also has a health gauge that starts out with 11 points, which gradually depletes over time or whenever Higgins trips on a rock in his path. When Higgins’ health gauge reaches zero, he will lose a life.

If Higgins still has extra lives, he will revive at the last checkpoint he passed through. The game ends when all of Higgins’ lives run out. To replenish his health, Higgins can pick up fruit or a milk bottle and has a maximum health of up to 16 points.

When the player’s score reaches 50, points, , points, and , points, Higgins will receive an extra life. Finding a bee-like fairy known as Honey Girl will grant Higgins invincibility for about ten seconds and allow him to kill enemies with a single touch.

Also hidden in each stage is a special pot, which doubles the player’s end-of-stage bonus. Higgins starts off each life without the ability to attack and can only gain the ability to attack by picking up a stone axe, which can be found in specific spots in each stage.

When Higgins is wielding the stone axe, he can trade it for magical fireballs that have longer range and are capable of destroying rocks and rolling stones which are invulnerable to the stone axe. To break an egg, the player must touch it or hit it with a weapon twice. In addition to weapons, there are numerous bonus items inside. There is also the possibility of receiving a negative item, the eggplant, which drains Higgins’ life meter.

Some of the eggs are not immediately visible in plain sight. The locations of these “hidden eggs” are usually indicated when a weapon thrown by a player disappears before falling to the ground and are uncovered by jumping at the indicated spot. Some of these hidden spots do not contain hidden eggs, but instead a cloud that will warp the player to a bonus stage, which is instead uncovered by standing still for a short period of time. During bonus stages, the player can collect a series of fruits each worth points regardless of the type until Higgins falls into a pitfall.

However, instead of losing a life, he will return to the regular stage at the next checkpoint. At the fourth round of each area, Higgins will confront a different form of the Evil Witch Doctor, the game’s boss character. He has the ability to change his head by up to eight different types.

Higgins must defeat him by striking his head a specific number of times with his weapon. The number of hits required to defeat him increases with each area his first form requires eight hits and every subsequent form requires two additional hits until the eighth and final form, which requires 22 hits. When the Evil Witch Doctor is defeated, he will change his head and escape to the next area. He uses the same attack in each form, with the only changes being his durability, speed and the speed of his fireball attacks.

When Higgins defeats his final form, the Evil Witch Doctor will fall into a pit and the girl will be rescued. Adventure Island began development as a direct port of the Sega arcade game Wonder Boy , the partial rights to which Hudson Soft obtained from developer Escape now known as Westone Bit Entertainment. However, the developer had already signed away ownership of the Wonder Boy name and characters to Sega, [3] so Hudson created a new protagonist modeled and named after Hudson Soft’s spokesman Takahashi Meijin.

The rights to the Adventure Island series are currently owned by Konami , who absorbed Hudson Soft in Adventure Island has received positive to mixed reviews from critics.

GameSpot awarded the game 6. The staff praised it for the fact that its challenge comes from quality level design and not low quality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Adventure Island disambiguation. JP : September 12, This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. February Sega Saturn Magazine. Emap International Limited.